Our clients are our partners


  • About us
    The law office
    Janjić I Tešmanović I Protić
    seated in Belgrade,
    in Gračanička 7,
    is founded in 1984 as
    Janjić law office

    Values as tradition, continuity and loyality towars (our) associates are main attributes (criteria's) of our philosophy.
    To our clients we provide wide ranging legal services.

    A part from professionally assured legal advising our client's primary value individualized consultations seeing (considering) personal requests and whishes.

    We are convinced that the corner stone for reliable and long term cooperation is mutual confidence and partners' deliberation.

We see ourselves as partners of our clients.

  • • Legal professionalism
  • • Personal advising
  • • Promptitude
  • • Tailored solutions (Tailor made solutions)
  • • Costs transparency (Transparency of expenses)
  • • Costs savings (on) at settlement of disputes