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  • For the purpose of avoiding unpleasant situations with our clients, we usually settle our professional fee before accepting mandate. There are several possibilities for fee settlement:

    Hourly wage
    Within this type of fee settlement, remuneration is settled by the spent unit time, along with all other expenses.
    To provide the most accurate fee settlement, any kind of special service is included and firmly confidential.

    Tariff wage
    Within this type of fee settlement, remuneration is settled by the article 23.
    Law on Advocacy (Zakon o advokaturi), Attorneys Tariff (Tarifa o nagradama i naknadama trosova za rad advokata, Sl.List SCG 5/06).
    Mentioned regulations are available on the Internet page of the Bar Association of Serbia
    Fee settling is based on the value of the case with a possibility to determine minimum an maximum fee rate.

    Lump sum wage with attribution for success
    Attorney is responsible not only for the success than for the quality of his service.
    Within this type of settlement Attorney has the right for remuneration, based on Attorneys Tariff, but apart from this, he can be stimulated by his client for his outstanding work within the scale of 20% to 30% from accomplished wage (so called palamarium).
    Additionally we would like to draw your attention to the European Union legislation tendency related to liberalization of professional fees and attorney's services with a view to support competition in this matter as well.